Friends of Shades Mountain


The forest protects homeowners below from erosion, mudslides and
damaging storm water runoff.

It helps keep the water and air in the county clean.

By providing visual screening, the forest enhances property values in the
valley below and the ridge above the mountain.

It provides habitat for many plant and animal species, some rarely seen in
other parts of the county and state.

It is an aesthetic value in itself, providing a lush green landscape that
cools the eye of everyone coming around, over and under its forest canopy.

It helps protect Shades Creek, already imperiled by previous development.

The forests along this mountain help to keep homes cooler by reducing the
effects of hot, humid summer days. In the winter, the forest provides wind
brakes that cut heating costs.

The forest cover saves the county an estimated $1,500,000 per year by
reducing air pollution and storm water runoff.